About Me

I’ve always been a fan of reading, writing and art. I was a huge fan of anime and animation as a while growing up, but I didn’t really get into comics, mainly DC, until a few years back. I had grown up with the DC Animated Universe, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited being my favorite and heartily enjoyed Teen Titans, but I mainly stuck with anime/manga through high school.

Fantasy has always been my favorite genre. Lord of the Rings being one of my earliest and most enjoyed. I have certainly expanded my interests, including series like Game of Thrones, the Daevabad Trilogy, and the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs.

I also enjoy historical fiction and the occasional realistic fiction, nonfiction, and biography, and have an interest for mythology (mostly Egyptian, Irish and Middle Eastern).

I’m also a casual gamer and artist and an animal lover. Wolves, owls, deer, and bees being my favorite.

II started up entertain.media because it sounded like a fun way to express ideas and start discussions. This is also a great place for me to get thoughts out about stuff I enjoy and/or critique.

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